World Summit of Black Mayors Colombia

This past 12th of September 2013, Ambassadors of the Pan-African Council arrived in the Republic of Colombia to join more than 300 mayors from Sub-Saharan Africa and of African descent from the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America to focus on strengthening the exchange between Africa and the diaspora for prosperity and economic development.

The 2013 World Summit of Mayors & Leaders of Africa and African Descent, held in the cities of Santiago de Cali and Cartagena, was hosted by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Calderon and co-organized by the US-based National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM), Colombia’s National Association of Mayors and Governors of Municipalities and Departments with Afro-Descendant (Amunafro) and the Colombia Presidential Agency for International Cooperation.

Renown Colombian Dr. Raul Cuero, scientist in the field of molecular genetics, one of the main speakers at the World Summit emphasized the importance of developing education processes where creativity and innovation are the focal points, stating that “before we think in terms of having, we have to think in terms of being, for creativity in service of humanity is the main force behind the place where I stand now. That is why I suggest to parents to cultivate and support their children’s creativity. It is fundamental that they allow them to grow as human beings and put their knowledge to the service of others so they can achieve their dreams and make their mark in their community.”

Nigeria Renteria, Colombia’s High Councilor for Gender Equality, called the event “momentous for [the city of] Cali and the world.” This important event brings together the world’s African and Afro-Descendant leaders to analyze the contributions and the role of Africans and people of African descent in the development of their respective countries.