Preliminary meeting on the 3rd session of the UN Permanent Forum on People of African Descent


Preliminary Meeting on the 3rd Session of the UN Permanent Forum on People of African Descent

Back to the Roots: A Pan-African Approach in Fostering an African Renaissance

Date: March 25-27, 2024

Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Venue: The Quorum

Implementing partners: International Coalition for People of African Descent (ICPAD), Pan-African Council (PAC), African Union ECOSOCC, Panda Africa (Zambia), Articulación Latinoamericana para el Decenio Afrodescendiente (ALDA), Black and African Diaspora Program (BAFD) – Dalhousie University, Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC), Baobab Centro de Innovación en Justicia Racial, de Género y Ambiental (Colombia), Plateforme Haïtienne de Plaidoyer pour un Développement Alternatif (PAPDA), Frantz Fanon Foundation (Martinique/France).

The aim of the preliminary meeting is to:

  • Strengthen and expand ICPAD and its members, that will meet in person or online before each United Nations Permanent Forum of People of African Descent session to create a working plan and identify key objectives as part of civil society contribution;
  • Foster knowledge exchange to promote inclusive and holistic policy recommendations and decision-making capabilities;
  • Develop an effective grassroots-driven network that has the tools and resources to support people of African descent globally in dealing with human rights violations and dignity.

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