The international organization sees Brazil as a strategic base for promoting further integration with African countries.

PAC Launches Brazil Rio de Janeiro Office

Rio de Janeiro – The Pan-African Council (PAC) launched its first office in Brazil in central Rio de Janeiro on December 4th, 2019. PAC is the premier global leadership organization dedicated to fostering cooperation between Africa and her Diaspora in the political, economic and social spheres.

In the Americas, the Council already has representative offices in Colombia, the Caribbean region (CARICOM), and the United States. According to the organization’s Chairman, Mr. Fabien Anthony, Brazil was chosen because of its strategic influence and for having the largest population of people of African descent residing outside of the African continent. Anthony highlighted that “Brazil prides itself on an increasingly visible and emerging Afro-Brazilian community that is reshaping its own perception and is positively recognizing itself in its ancestry. We believe that Afro-Brazilians hold the key to Brazil’s equitable and sustainable development and should be protagonists in the active development of their political, trade and social relations with the African continent and the Diaspora at large.”

Based on the pan-Africanist perspectives of Marcus Garvey, Abdias do Nascimento and Edward Du Bois, the Pan-African Council has developed a multi-stakeholder strategy to promote the integration of the global African Diaspora while strengthening ties and broadening the meaning of unity between Brazil and African countries.

PAC’s international headquarters are located in Kigali, Rwanda — considered Africa’s technological, educational and innovation capital. “In accordance with the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, PAC works diligently to strengthen initiatives that enable people of African origin to be self-sufficient in their strong identity, heritage, culture and common values ​​and contributing to their own human progress, peaceful coexistence and well-being of the planet. Today’s young generation is confident that the fate of Africa and her Diaspora lies in their hands and that they must act now to shape the future they want,” affirmed its Chairman.

The launch of PAC’s Brazilian office will bring together numerous leaders and diplomats from various sectors such as the manufacturing industry, international trade, politics, entrepreneurship and the media.