PAC and Global Strategic Industries Sign MOU


The Pan-African Council (PAC) and Global Impact Industries (GII) today announced a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating sustainable development across Africa and its Diaspora. The signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signifies a shared commitment to leveraging combined expertise and resources to empower African communities.

The PAC, a leading global organization dedicated to advancing and uniting Africa, brings a wealth of experience in fostering international cooperation across political, economic, and social spheres. GII, a consortium with proven success in collaborating with businesses, NGOs, and governments, offers a comprehensive range of services to support small business development.

“This partnership represents a powerful step forward for Africa and the Diaspora’s future,” said Hassan Wardere, Executive Board Member at the Pan-African Council. Kimberly M. Nelson, President of Global Impact Industries, echoed this sentiment: “We have already successfully engaged HBCUs in partnership, this memorandum agreement will become the cornerstone of furthering our cooperation and community impact.”

Through this collaboration, the PAC and GII will focus on the following key focus areas, leveraging their combined expertise and resources to achieve shared objectives:

  • Program and Project Development: Collaborate on the creation and implementation of programs
    and projects that align with the Parties’ missions and objectives. This may include joint ventures
    with private and institutional partners.
  • International Initiatives: Partner on international initiatives related to Historically Black Colleges
    and Universities (HBCUs), the African diaspora, and other work related to Africa and the global
  • Investment Facilitation: Jointly develop strategies to drive investment into projects through
    raising capital, grant writing, securing funds, and exploring other innovative financing mechanisms.
  • Events and Experiential: event support services, such as conceptualizing, marketing, managing,
    and executing various events; assistance in sourcing, negotiating, and securing qualified talent for
    its events, including speakers, celebrities, musicians, singers, performers, among others.
  • Mutual Support: Provide mutual support on a variety of projects as deemed mutually beneficial,
    fostering knowledge exchange and resource allocation.

This strategic partnership is poised to make a significant impact on the trajectory of African development. By uniting their leadership, resources, and expertise, the PAC and GII will empower communities, unlock economic opportunities, and create a brighter future for all of their stakeholders.


About the Pan-African Council

The Pan-African Council (PAC) is a global leadership and strategic development organization committed to advancing and uniting Africa and her Diaspora. The Council works across political, economic, and social spheres to foster international cooperation and empower African and Diaspora communities.

About Global Impact Industries

Global Impact Industries (GII) is a consortium with extensive experience collaborating with local and international businesses, private entities, NGOs, and governments. As a certified small business enterprise (SBE) professional firm, GII offers a comprehensive range of services to foster sustainable development and economic empowerment.


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