With more than 60% of its population under the age of 25, sub-Saharan Africa is already the world’s youngest region today – and, by 2030, will be home to more than one-quarter of the world’s under-25 population.

As this young population, the best-educated and globally connected the continent has ever had, enters the world of work, the region has an unmatched demographic advantage. PAC brings dedicated role models to provide first-hand insights on leadership, life skills, business, and technology to support young dreamers and entrepreneurs develop their ambitions.

Africa’s real potential lies in her youth who are brimming with ideas and ready to embrace the coming technical revolution. Today there are fewer barriers than before and with the technologies that are available to most, young people have amazing tools to succeed.

Africa’s youth population is rapidly growing and expected to double to over 830 million by 2050. If properly harnessed, this increase in the working age population could support increased productivity and stronger, more inclusive economic development across the continent.

Youth Mentorship Programme

PAC offers its members an opportunity to make a long-lasting, positive difference in the lives of marginalised youth and families. As a mentor with the Council, you are making a strong, collective statement about how much and how many people believe in the development of vibrant communities and empowerment of African youth.

Mentors play an essential role in the empowerment of our youth and must demonstrate passion for our vision and their role as a mentor, dedication, and commitment to our youth. Above all, our mentors must:

  • Be serious about their commitment to youth development
  • Be patient, respectful, and committed to learning and diversity
  • Be willing to step out of their comfort zones in a supportive environment
  • Possess a desire to make a difference in someone’s life
  • Enjoy working with youth and newcomer communities in a supportive team environment

As the Council grows, so does our need for mentors. We continue to recruit mentors from all sectors to support the organisation on an ongoing basis and allow them to see how their time and contribution will make a difference in the lives of so many youth.

Youth Community Development

Through the Council’s sister organizations and patronage, we mobilize resources for effective community development, grassroots leadership and coalition building.

Since 2012, PAC has turned donor gifts and grants into life-changing programmes across Africa and regions of the Diaspora. We leverage education, sports and the development of social skills to empower marginalised youth in their communities.

By combining the power of learning and mentorship, we are helping thousands of children and youth, recognise their abilities and realise their dreams. Our initiatives focus on the following measured areas of impact in supporting marginalised youth: access to quality educational support and mentorship for life skills, development of social and leadership skills and contribution to building peaceful and vibrant communities.