Trade, Investment,& Matchmaking Missions

Through the Trade, Investment and Matchmaking Missions, the Council brings together potential business partners and raises Africa and her Diaspora's investment profile in the world by developing critical contacts and business relationships and provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

PAC believes that Africa’s future success depends upon the ability of its entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, investors and business people to create economic prosperity. One of the biggest barriers for financial investments on the Continent and across the Diaspora can be summarized in three words: trustworthiness, credibility and accountability.

Matchmaking Service

Finding targeted and reliable, real-time information in African markets is difficult and costly. Businesspeople and investors increasingly need targeted information about specific opportunities and challenges on the continent to make sound investment decisions and mitigate risks. PAC’s missions are designed to reduce the cost and time of finding specific sector information in order to accelerate deal identification, diligence, risk mitigation and execution.

After confirmed registration, each mission member will submit a Statement of Qualifications Profile that will be used for matchmaking potential partners in the target country or location. Missions are organised around specific themes and opportunities where Council leadership personally identifies and vets the right stakeholders and provides timely, accurate information covering Africa’s diverse legal, political and economic environments. Members can submit, for instance, mission requests that can range from assistance in origination and sourcing investment opportunities, due diligence on assets and partners, market intelligence, pricing information to market/consumer data.

Providing Access to Capital: Scaling-Up Investments

With the ever-increasingly sizzling African entrepreneurship scene, many individuals and Diaspora-owned firms are distributing resources among potential African start-ups and businesses. The Council looks at the current investment landscape and invites leading entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses to catalyse more investments into the African entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Business Opportunities & Networking

In our ongoing commitment to promote bilateral and multilateral trade relationships, the PAC trade missions will assist companies in finding overseas partners, license technology and aid in international expansion and market entry. Missions are tailored around specific business opportunities relevant to our member companies. The agenda is designed to match these objectives with business opportunities existing in the targeted market via the introduction to and one-on-one meetings with key industry decision-makers and well-placed government officials.

Participating companies receive market briefings from local experts and parliament members including ministers of trade and tourism, finance, operations, technology and education. Market briefings are followed by site visits to key projects or to gain an understanding of how to do business in that market. This is a cost-effective opportunity to gain first-hand market information, save time and maximise international expansion results.

Who benefits?

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners
    Private Equity, Venture Capital and Infrastructure Investors
  • Corporate Dealmakers, General Counsels
    Pension Funds, Endowments, Foundations, Family Offices
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds, Development Finance Institutions
  • Investment Banks, Law Firms, Management Consultants
  • Placement Agents, Pension Advisers, Fund Administrators
  • Technology Firms and Service Providers