PACLeadership Network

Generating a Return on Relationships

The Pan-African Council’s Leadership Network serves as relationship building and opportunity source that offers access to a wide network of subject matter experts and professionals to members seeking real-time, granular intelligence in their field of interest.

By introducing members to a variety of key business, political, technical, scientific, cultural and social leaders, PAC has built an invaluable network where the return on relationship matters.

Conferencing, Speaking, and Workshops

The Council encourages members from across the world to collaborate and participate in leadership and skill-building activities, meetings, forums for the exchange of ideas, experiences and to explore synergic collaborations in various areas to create lifelong relationships that will benefit their professional development and communities.

Members throughout PAC’s Leaders Network organise, attend and speak at key conferences, seminars, workshops, forums, and summits around the globe. Participating in variety of forums are an opportunity to gain greater insight into the important issues facing African development.

Encouraging and engaging all continental and diasporic Africans to build a better future for the Continent is an integral part of the Council’s work. PAC affirms that Africans must take responsibility for their political, social and economic fortunes and as such we provide a network for innovative ideas with which to craft responsible policies and endeavours for the sustainable development of Africa and her global Diaspora.

Our network is composed of leaders residing both on the African continent and globally possessing numerous years of professional experience in a variety of fields of human endeavour and representing a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.