Changing the Narrative: Media and Image Building

Shadowed in misinformation, misunderstanding, and mystery, the mainstream media has often portrayed Africa and African diasporic communities in a negative light. The aim of the Council’s “Brand Africa” initiative is to support a balanced and positively aware understanding about Africa and people of African descent without ignoring existing and imminent challenges.

Accompanied by our media ecosystem and partnerships, this initiative includes a series of strategic workshops, conferences, events, campaigns and seminars that help celebrate the Africa’s present and historical contributions to humanity while informing a variety of audiences (academic, business, tourism enthusiasts, etc) on current events and topics of interest relating to the African continent. These events also assist in highlighting the power of the media to increase public awareness of Africa’s reality, while advocating for more fair and balanced coverage of African developments in the news media and across governments, the corporate world and society as a whole.

Concurrently, the Council aims to give an African perspective on global events that impact the economic, social and political issues of the continent and her Diaspora, thus giving Africa a fresh outlook in her own image building and re-branding.