Council Membership

Council members enjoy unparalleled access to an influential platform that cultivates the next generation of African and Diaspora leaders, encouraging promising talent from diverse backgrounds to positively engage in the development of Africa and her Diaspora.


Member Recognition Certificate

Accepted PAC members receive a digital recognition certificate for supporting the Council's mission and its various programmes through their annual membership dues. As a recognised member of the Council, you or your organization hold the worthy distinction of being affiliated with the world’s leading Pan-African leadership organization. Member Certifications are recognised internationally by employers, professional societies, academic institutions, international organizations, and government bodies among others.

Networking, Matchmaking, Referrals & Privileges

Strengthen your professional networks and identify shared opportunities globally. Each year, PAC members organise, support, and participate in dozens of events worldwide as well as engage with each other to gain insights on the developments that are impacting and transforming Pan-African affairs. Members access world leaders, senior government officials, members of parliament, investors, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and prominent thought leaders, many of whom are members themselves. The Council receives hundreds of requests from leading organizations, businesses, governments, event organisers, procurement, human talent and headhunting agencies, etc., for referrals ranging from speakers to talent, services, products, investment opportunities, among many others. PAC only refers its members to these opportunities. In addition, Council members receive special access to our global events, discounts, and other offers by maintaining their membership.

Advocacy Support

The Pan-African Council serves as the voice for individuals, communities, organizations, as well as the private and public sector to address important issues of economic development, public policy, international relations, human rights, and quality of life with legislators, elected officials, policymakers, the business community, and other societal stakeholders. Members are able to use the Council's platform to voice their concerns and advocate for the Pan-African issues they care about.

Prestige, Visibility & Exposure

Leverage potential leadership, authorship, interviews, and speaking opportunities. The Council provides you with exposure and promotes your achievements and undertakings globally through our events, online presence, newsletters, media communications, and directory of members. We consistently showcase our members’ achievements, events, businesses, organizations, programmess, and endeavours. PAC encourages all of its members to be involved in Pan-African development opportunities, discourses, and strategies. Numerous opportunities for leadership, authorship, and recognition are available for those who have experience or expertise in a particular subject or specialty. The Council offers to elevate the profile of our members through relevant interviews, speaking opportunities, and member-authored content that can be dissiminated for key news outlets, social media conversations, magazines, newsletters, and blogs.

Membership Eligibility and Terms

By way of registration and application, membership in the Pan-African Council is open to individuals and organizations who respect the mission, vision and values of the Council as well as those of the African Union and related institutions.

The Council seeks quality, diversity, and balance in its membership body. Evaluation criteria for membership include expertise, intellectual attainment, professional experience, interest, and current involvement in African or Diaspora affairs; promise of future achievement and service to Africa’s development and regions of the Diaspora; potential contributions to PAC’s work; desire and ability to participate in PAC activities as well as standing among peers.

Members must also be willing to contribute to the socioeconomic development of Africa and/or its Diaspora communities around the globe. Accepted members include both individuals and legal entities who have demonstrated leadership in their respective fields, are active in the positive development of Africa and/or their local communities, and are willing to commit their time, resources and expertise in the promotion of the Council’s goals and programmes.

Terms and Conditions of Membership

A member may resign from the Council upon notice (written or electronic) to the Board of Directors or Membership Committee. A membership may be terminated by the Board of Directors, for conflicts of interest or conduct prejudicial to the aims or reputation of the Pan-African Council.

Membership Categories & Annual Dues

To get exclusive access to PAC benefits and support its on-going operations, the following membership categories and annual dues are available. To register as a member, interested individuals or organizations are requested to fill out the form in the link below. Our Membership Committee determines membership qualification and approval for duly completed applications only.

Membership fees and dues are subject to periodic changes in order to maintain or expand the Council’s member benefits.

General Individual Membership

Annual dues: $89 / year

General Membership in the Council is open to individuals who support the positive development of Africa and her Diaspora, and pledge to commit their time, resources and expertise to our Pro-Africa mission.

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Organizational & Corporate Membership

Annual dues: $899 / year

Organizational and Corporate Membership in the Council is open to businesses, institutions, associations, international bodies, and other entities that support the positive development of Africa and her Diaspora, and pledge to commit to our Pro-Africa mission.

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Honorary Membership

Annual dues: $3,000 / year

Honorary Members are individuals or organizations that commit a minimum of US$3,000 in any given calendar year to the Honorary Global Patron Circle and receive Ambassadorial privileges in the Council which include expert advisory and special access to all of PAC's high-level meetings, opportunities, and initiatives.

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Executive Membership

By Nomination Only


Executive Membership includes Council Ambassadors & Representatives who bring tremendous amounts of value to the Council beyond the aforementioned membership levels.