Action-Oriented Pan-African Development

Socioeconomic inequality and poverty set in motion by the historical process of nationalist economic power in the form of colonialism has stolen regional resources and subjugated entire countries and communities for the sake of market exploitation. The historical and present exploitation of indigenous Africans for their bodies (labour) and natural resources, followed by their general exclusion from the mainstream market economy under capitalism has set in motion chain reactions of long term deprivation and scarcity. Consequently, the legacy of slavery, racism, colonialisation, segregation, apartheid legislation, neocolonialism, and globalisation continue to plague Africa’s leadership and socioeconomic landscape both on the continent and throughout the Diaspora.

The African condition has demonstrated an inextricable link between socioeconomic vulnerability and the result of historical legacies resulting in generational patterns of both indigenous and exogenous exploitation. These historical imbalances continue to profoundly affect large populations of Africans across the continent and overseas, causing successive generations to inherit the disadvantages of their predecessors.

In order to tackle these challenges, act on their root causes and develop alternatives, the Council spearheads a number of initiatives that equip our members and stakeholders with important resources to advance an effective Pro-Africa position.