This January 9th, 2023, the Pan-African Council Board of Directors has appointed Mr Hydara as Council Ambassador to The Gambia and Neighboring West African Countries.

Hon. Demba Hydara Pan-African CouncilThe Honourable Demba Hydara is a presidential advisor to the Republic of The Gambia, responsible for strategic national development priorities as well as the promotion of culture, trade, and investments. He also serves as the Republic of The Gambia’s Ambassador for Health in the Diaspora.

In December of 2016, The Gambia emerged from 22 years of dictatorship that resulted in economic decadence, loss of democracy, and near international isolation. All these combined continue to impact negatively on the provision of adequate social services to the citizenry. The Office of the President has therefore tasked Mr Hydara in complementing the country’s efforts to restore economic stability and rebuild the country.

In his role as the CEO of Soninkara Group, Mr Hydara leads the largest distribution of food commodities in The Gambia. Soninkara covers several industries offering financial, energy, business services, and consumer products. The group’s mission is to drive economic development and enhance investments in the import sector and manufacturing industries for the West Africa region.

Mr Hydara speaks English, Wolof, Soninke, Mandinka, and Arabic.