PAC’s Membership Network

PAC members will enjoy unparalleled access to an influential platform that cultivates the next generation of African and Diaspora leaders, encouraging promising young men and women from diverse backgrounds to engage in a sustained mobilization on Africa and the Diaspora’s development agenda.

Exclusive Member Benefits

The Council’s membership comprises both individuals and organizations that are the major driving forces of identifying the challenges and opportunities that exist across African and Diaspora communities. This includes entrepreneurs, leaders across various fields, experience advisors, collaborators, investors, training opportunities and essential resources all in one place. Together we are stronger, able to draw on each others’ expertise and collective actions.

Member Benefits Networking


Each year, PAC members organise and participate in hundreds of events worldwide and engage with each other to gain insights on the developments that are impacting and transforming our global African family. Members access world leaders, senior government officials, members of parliament/congress, and prominent thinkers and practitioners, many of whom are members themselves. Strengthen your professional networks and identify shared opportunities globally.

Member Benefits Training

Training & Intelligence

Members gain unparalleled access to PAC’s resources, intellectual capital, workshops, training and platform for idea exchange. In addition, members receive a subscription to PAC’s monthly flagship newsletter “Pan-African Intelligence”, and access to the organisation’s full archives online, as well as other exclusive content and wide array of publications and briefing materials.

Member Benefits Matchmaking

Matchmaking, Referrals & Privileges

The Council receives hundreds of inquiries from leaders, businesses, diplomats, event organisers, etc. for referrals on talent, services, products, and investment opportunities, tender invitations, among many others. PAC refers only its members to these opportunities. In addition, Council members receive special access to our global events, discounts and offers from its membership for savings.

Member Benefits Visibility

Visibility and Exposure

PAC gives exposure and promotes your achievements and undertakings worldwide through our events, online presence, newsletters, media contacts and directory of members. We consistently showcases our members’ programmes, events, trainings, achievements and undertakings. This provides a special opportunity for members to be seen by thousands of companies, leaders and community stakeholders internationally.

Member Benefits Recognition

Recognition and Influence

Approved members receive a beautiful Certificate of Membership suitable for framing, a letter confirming membership, and honorable mentions across our digital ecosystem for their work. PAC membership enables you to take part in advising our decisions and providing focus-area suggestions in order to build our movement for the benefit of the world.

Member Benefits Advocacy

Advocacy Support

The Council is the voice for individuals, communities, organisations and corporations addressing the important issues of economic development, public policy, international relations, human rights and quality of life with legislators, elected officials, policymakers and the business community. Members will be able to use the Council platform to voice their concerns and advocate for the issues they care about.

Membership Eligibility

By way of application, professional membership in the Pan-African Council is open to Africans and peoples of African descent irrespective of their citizenship and nationality throughout the world. Council members must respect the mission, vision and values of the organisation and those of the African Union, and also be willing to contribute to the socioeconomic development of Africa and its communities around the globe.

Accepted members include both individuals and legal entities who have demonstrated leadership in their respective fields, are active in the positive development of Africa and/or their local communities, and are willing to commit their time, resources and expertise in the promotion of the Council’s goals and programmes.

Membership Types

PAC members consist of professional members, organisational members, honorary members, volunteer members and Ambassador members (PAC Ambassadors). Membership applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Any person of African origin whether on the African Continent or in Diaspora can become a Pan-African Council member. Professional members that apply should have significant activities in the areas related to PAC’s mission and initiatives, and must respect the values and principles of PAC as defined by the application process.

Any organisation, association, lawful business entity, partnership, government or estate having an interest in meeting the objectives of the Council may be eligible to apply for membership for an indefinite period and, upon acceptance, may join at the organisational membership level.

Honorary members are individuals, corporations, or organisations who make significant contributions and provide special services to PAC or contribute to the Honorary Donor’s Circle in support of PAC’s growth and development.

Volunteer members are individuals that commit their personal time and resources to the Council’s mission and initiatives, this includes PAC Correspondents and Representatives that regularly report on issues of African interest in their respective areas. Selected volunteers are awarded with complementary Professional Membership.

Ambassador Membership consists of nominated and subsequently appointed PAC Ambassadors. Ambassadorship in the Pan-African Council is by invitation to Africans and people of African descent throughout the world. PAC Ambassadors are extraordinary Council members and other individuals with exceptional talents and dedication that have made significant contributions to the development of African peoples in the context of the Council’s vision.

Candidates applying for Ambassador Membership can only be nominated in writing via an existing Board Member and/or PAC Ambassadors and seconded by a minimum of two other recommendations.

Annual Membership Fees & Dues

To get exclusive access to the Council’s resources and support its on-going operations, members contribute the following in annual membership fees and dues:

  • Professional Membership: $5 per month ($60 charged yearly)
  • Organisational Membership: $50 per month ($600 charged yearly)
  • PAC Ambassadorship/Honorary Membership: $3,000 within a calendar year to the Honorary Donor’s Circle

Membership fees and dues are subject to periodic changes in order to maintain or expand the Council’s member benefits.

Termination of Membership

  • A member may resign from the Council upon notice (written or electronic) to the Board of Directors.
  • A membership may be terminated by the Board of Directors, for conduct prejudicial to the aims or reputation of the Pan-African Council and for conflict of interests.

Membership Application

To apply, interested individuals will fill out an online application for membership that will consist of sending their contact information, curriculum vitae, a series of questions, and their nominator, references and/or sponsor information.

All applications for membership are subject to approval by PAC.

PAC seeks quality, diversity, and balance in its membership. Evaluation criteria for membership include intellectual attainment and expertise; professional experience, interest, and current involvement in African or diasporic affairs; promise of future achievement and service in Africa’s development and regions of the Diaspora; potential contributions to PAC’s work; desire and ability to participate in PAC activities; and standing among peers.

Due to overwhelming interest, we are not accepting applications for membership until further notice. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

To keep abreast of future developments and the reinstatement of membership applications, kindly subscribe to our newsletter in the footer or contact us for further enquiries.