Her work continues to be an invaluable contribution to the Council’s mission to empower people of African descent within Belize and throughout the world.

Mayor Sharon Palacio Pan-African Council

In light of her leadership excellence and outstanding contributions to society, the Pan- African Council will officially recognise Ms Sheran Palacio, Mayor of the City of Belmopan in Belize as a Council Ambassador.

Mayor Sharon Palacio - Pan-African CouncilHer work continues to be an invaluable contribution to the Council’s mission to empower people of African descent and to strengthen the institutions that positively enhance national and social life by building relationships, exchanges and interactions with civil society, business leaders and institutions throughout Africa and regions of the wider global African Diaspora.

Council Ambassadors are informed and enthusiastic advocates who share the objectives of the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent as well as the Constitutive Act of the African Union which declares the Diaspora to be all people of African origin or descent “willing to contribute to the development of the continent and the building of the African Union”. By serving as change agents and leaders in their communities and internationally, Council Ambassadors also:

  • Inspired others to take action and become ready, responsive, and resilient
  • Create innovative ways to engage their community, their workforce, and/or their
  • Form unique collaborations with other ambassador organisations to achieve goals
    they alone could not meet
  • Provide informational tools to diffuse knowledge of our shared history, rich heritage, societal contributions, shared struggles, culture, language and current developments important to Pan-African affairs

The recognition was officially conferred to Miss Sheran Palacio by the Chairman of the Pan-African Council, Mr. Fabien Anthony, on July 14that the Belmopan Civic Centre, City of Belmopan, Belize.

About Sheran Palacio:

Sheran “Sharon” Palacio, Ms P or Shar-P is a Belmopan pioneer having lived here since the age of thirteen in the 70s. Her early introduction into the political arena is quite colourful and goes back to the 2003 when she first served as a PUP City Councilor in Belmopan. However, this does not mean that her political history is only marked by wins and not losses. In 2006 she lost the position of City Councilor in a PUP Convention. Still this did not deter her, and Sharon Palacio continued to work for the benefit of her party and the people of Belmopan.

Miss Palacio holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the Universidad Central de Villas in Cuba. Sharon’s passion is farming and specializes in producing soursop and coconut. She has served for 18 faithful years as Director of Student Services at the University of Belize where she was able to increase her global connections and help numerous students. Miss Palacio is well known for her role in the fight against Diabetes and for successfully operating a home-based business from 2004 to the current date called Youth for World Peace (YWP) homestay Network which provides business support unities to many fellow Belmopanese. She has been titled “Champion of the Americas” which enables her to recruit groups and provide Belizeans the opportunity to study and working Canada. She is presently appointed as a liaison for the Cross River State Carnival Commission for international groups from the Caribbean and Central America.

Miss Palacio is known for her selflessness and her willingness to help and assist people in anyway she can. She is trilingual and is most passionate about promoting cultural diversity and establishing linkages for a lifetime. She brings her experience and her strong networking skills which will no doubt work for the betterment of Belmopan.