Africa Climate Summit


This September 4-6, 2023, Council members participated in the 2023 Africa Climate Summit at the The Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi, Kenya with the theme of “Driving climate-positive growth and finance solutions for Africa and the world”.

The Africa Climate Summit 2023 tackled the critical issue of climate change, highlighting Africa’s vulnerability and its potential to be part of the solution. The continent faces severe consequences from climate change, lacking resources to respond fully due to debt burdens. However, Africa boasts vast renewable energy, mineral, and agricultural resources that can contribute significantly to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

The summit called for a shift in the narrative, moving beyond the idea of a divided world and emphasizing collaboration for a global solution. Innovative funding mechanisms are proposed to bridge the gap in climate finance. These include targeted taxes on polluting industries, a potential global fossil fuel tax, and exploring a financial transactions tax. A central global fund would be established for efficient allocation of these resources, overseen by an independent body to ensure fairness.

Success in climate action requires everyone’s involvement. Governments and institutions will set the framework with policies. The private sector brings crucial investment and innovation. Philanthropies can help de-risk projects and support new ideas. Civil society ensures that solutions are based in science and hold everyone accountable. Local communities offer invaluable perspectives for sustainable development that meets their needs.

The summit aims to gather ambitious commitments for action from leaders, guided by a comprehensive framework. Key focus areas include increased funding for climate action, targeted allocation of those funds, and a more risk-tolerant approach to financing. Additionally, the summit emphasizes the need for African nations to develop green growth strategies and recognizes the interdependent nature of climate action and economic development. Finally, it calls for optimizing global capital by utilizing Africa’s cost-effective solutions for global emissions reduction.

The Africa Climate Summit 2023 presented a crucial opportunity for a global approach to climate change. By focusing on Africa’s situation and fostering collaboration, ambitious commitments, and innovative funding mechanisms, the summit sought to make significant progress in tackling these critical challenges.

Nairobi Declaration

The African Leaders Nairobi Declaration on Climate Change and Call to Action highlights the following needs:

On Africa’s Plight and Responsibility:

  • African leaders acknowledge climate change as the biggest threat to humanity and acknowledge Africa’s vulnerability despite not being a major contributor.
  • They emphasize Africa’s potential for solutions due to its young population, renewable energy resources, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Call to Action for Developed Countries:

  • The declaration urges developed nations to fulfill their emission reduction commitments and the promised $100 billion in annual climate finance.
  • It calls for a just transition away from fossil fuels while supporting the most vulnerable.

Africa’s Commitments for a Green Future:

  • African leaders commit to developing green policies, promoting renewable energy, and protecting nature.
  • They emphasize the importance of reskilling the workforce, boosting sustainable agriculture, and collaborating on continental initiatives.

Building Resilience and Partnerships:

  • The declaration highlights the need for investment in early warning systems, climate-resilient infrastructure, and water security.
  • It emphasizes partnerships with other regions for knowledge sharing and financial support.

A New Financial Architecture and a United Africa:

  • The document calls for reforming the financial system to unlock climate finance for Africa.
  • It proposes a new Global Climate Finance Charter and debt relief mechanisms.
  • African leaders propose a biennial Africa Climate Summit and emphasize Africa’s contribution to the global fight against climate change.

Click here to download the full Nairobi declaration.


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