The Pan-African Council (“PAC”) is the premier, action-oriented global leadership organisation for visionary Pan-Africanists dedicated to uniting Africa and her Diaspora while fostering cooperation in the political, economic and social spheres.

PAC serves as an umbrella organisation composed of entrepreneurs, business leaders, global thinkers, government actors, academics, media experts, cultural ambassadors and civil society organisations that have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their respective fields and share a Pro-Africa position.

PAC About Us


To empower and unite Pan-African visionaries across the spectrum of civil, political, and socioeconomic sectors into a singular nexus that informs the public discourse on global African challenges and mobilizes resources to confront these challenges through proactive and forward-thinking initiatives.


We fundamentally believe that unifying the vast and complex diversity of Africans, both on the continent and throughout the Diaspora, in the spirit of a common destiny will be the single greatest contribution to humanity and the planet’s survival in the 21st century. By advocating for a transformative socioeconomic agenda grounded in sustainability and respect for the natural environment, PAC foresees establishing a new global development paradigm derived from African values that generates resilience, resource abundance, and prosperity for all.

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PAC Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Modesty
  • Solidarity
  • Justice
  • Leadership
  • Perseverance
  • Professionalism
  • Benevolence

Who We Are

Members of the Council are leading Pan-Africanists from across the world that leverage their collective influence, resources and experiences to elevate Africa’s significance on the world stage and address important issues affecting the lives of Africans and people of African descent across the globe.

Furthermore, the Council serves as a substantive bridge for the historic African Diaspora seeking to work together with their continental brothers and sisters to dispel the stories that have kept African peoples apart.

To achieve this, PAC necessarily operates at local, national, regional and wider international scales in order to carry out its mission and provide a centralized platform for networking, exchanging ideas, advocacy, conferencing, mobilizing actions, and volunteering.

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PAC Objectives

  • Bridge the Diaspora Divide
    To provide an effective network that creates opportunities for collaboration between Africans and the Diaspora across regions and communities while simultaneously working for the advancement of African interests globally.
  • Foster Leadership
    To develop, identify, connect, and engage the emerging generation of African leaders as an invaluable resource in community empowerment and encourage the professional and personal growth of Council members.
  • Teach and Dismantle Miseducation
    To provide Council members with the informational tools to diffuse knowledge of our shared history, rich heritage, societal contributions, shared struggles, culture, language and current developments; moreover, actively work against the historical miseducation to which Africans have been subjected to about their origins.
  • Boost Economic Empowerment
    To promote transformative economic empowerment in our communities through mentorship, entrepreneurship and capital investments as a driving force for development and the strengthening of economic ties that will accelerate development in Africa and across its Diaspora communities.
  • Influence
    To become the prominent and influential organization on African affairs recognised by the business community, government, civil society and media via levering the Council’s delegations to the major forums, summits and conferences where and discussions being held globally.